Monday, January 4, 2016

Prophetic Daily Word For Jan 6th ( THE LORD TOLD ME TO GIVE ONE PRAYER FROM POETRY BOOK .) Redid it will be back out sometime tomorrow or. Thursday.Our God raise let the lord be praise

There is a place 

There is a place You can no longer go back to
It might be in the know or hidden
Under a vast of things
With a many of Mountains or an Ocean
It might be a place of joy hidden by much darkness
It might be a once know path from the past
With a wounded tree branch crying upon it
Fruit no more once known to it
A place where the smell of clean
Overpowers the smell of loss
Too many whitewashed corridors
Too many childhood nightmares
Alone it stands
That place
Wherever it is or has not banished you
It has not 
You have cast it from you
But it waits for you, hoping you will come back
That place that grieves for you
As you grieve for what you lost there 
That all that was lost stay lost for  thy lord will give all newness on to thee.
Never look back always look before you   for there you will find me Thy lord and  Savior