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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Pam Miller
November 6 at 7:28pm
17 For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

Earlier this year I scanned over the popes Encyclical 2030 & discovered in it talk of inequality of wealth which gave me the impression of a push towards socialism. I decided to research assets of the RCC as well as some well known Evangelicals. What I found was astounding!

Creflo Dollar-drives a Rolls-Royce,is transported by private jet,owns a million dollar home in Atlanta,an apartment in NYC worth $2.5 million and has assets of $27 million.

Kenneth Copeland-wages of $364,577
Spouse wages $292,593
Ministry campus,church,private air strip
$17.5 million jet & other aircraft
$6 million church owned lakefront mansion

John Hagee- nearly $1 million a year
$500,000 salary, $300,000 church

Charles Blake- $900,000 salary, 10,000 SF mansion in Beverly Hills

Benny Hinn-1997 he earned between $500,000-$1 million, assets of $40 million

Joel Osteen -stopped taking his $200,000
annual salary due to criticism of his massive wealth in books. In 2010 moved to a $10.5 million home.

Bishop Eddie Long- between 1997-2009
received more than $3.07 million in benefits & compensation including a $1.4 million home,use of a $350,000 Bentley, more than $1 million salary; in 2000 alone earned a salary of $494,009. Assets of $5 million.

Ed Young- $1 million a year pastors salary,
$240,000 a year parsonage allowance and a $1.5 million home.

Franklin Graham-2008 compensation of $1.2 million
Billy Graham- $25 million in assets

TD Jakes - net worth $18 million

Dr. Cindy Trimm- assets $15 million

Jesse Jackson- assets of $10 million

Chris Oyakhilome- assets of $50 million

Joyce Meyers- assets of $8-$25 million

The Roman Catholic Church has assets of roughly $15 BILLION

Archbishop Sartain-Seattle resides in a $3.84 million home.
Archbishop Blair -Hartford,CN- resides in a $1.85 million home.
Cardinal Dolan-NY- resides in a $30 million residence.
Cardinal George -Chicago -resides in a $14.3 million residence
Archbishop-Denver- resided in a $6.5 million 13,500 ft building
Archbishop Myers of NJ spent $500,000 for a wing addition to his $800,000 weekend/retirement home that includes a pool,hot tub,3 fireplaces & a library.
Archbishop Gregory agreed to give up a $2.2 million mansion after parishioners complained
Archbishop-Carlson-St. Louis/ reside in a $1.4 million residence and also bought a second house at $327,500 in Florida
Archbishop Lori-resides in a $1.2 million residence.
Archbishop Garcia-Siller-San Antonio-resides in a $1.1 million residence.
Archbishop of LA spent $7 million on a 26,000 SF rectory in 2002. Archbishop Gomez moved to LA in 2010 and lives there with 6 priests.
Archbishop Wenski-Miamai-resides in a $1.38 million residence.
Archbishop -Schnjrr-Cincinnati-lives alone in a 4 bedroom 4 bath house $469,718

My suggestion to the pope if be wants to redistribute wealth is to start with the Vatican and down as well as these pastors and preachers. Isn't this why Yahushua overturned the money changers table and used a whip in the Temple?
Be careful my brothers & sisters who you at following.