Saturday, February 13, 2016

God Bless You saints Love Letters Of Prayer's Is now available on Be Bless saints and Enjoy it as I did writing .The prayers are really Strong and will help with your deliverance and bring you closer to God Yahweh In Yeshua Name

Love Letters Prayers are love prayers from Yeshua Jesus Heart to minds to you. They are deliverance Poem Prayers very strong ones. That will not only help you in deliverance, it will help you get so much closer to Daddy Yahweh and Yeshua and the Ra Ha Kadesh Holy Spirit. Theses prayers will pull at your heart strings as well. As I was writing some of them. I felt Yeshua and Daddy Yahweh and Ra Ha Kadesh Love fill me so. And tears wanted to stream down. I just held them back. Theses prayers are so loving from The Kingdom of Heaven. Yet so ever strong to help deliver you. Glory to The Covent of God Yahweh. Prophetess Rosalind Solomon The Prophecy Hour Radio Show www.blogtalkradio/prophecyhourshow
                                       Here are some of the  titles in the book it is many more prayer's                                                                                                    

                                                   MY True Father’s Heart
                                                   True Friend
                                                  So This I Know
                                May my prayer be as sweet incense.
                                         Oh dearest Elohim I cannot
                                           Peace dwells far within.
                                  When temptations fright my heart,
                            Approaching is, my Soul, to the mercy seat,
                                                  Prayer The Answers,
                                                    Abba Father
                                                   Throne of Grace!
                                         Yeshua Oh teach us to pray.
                                      The spirit helps with infirmities –
                                               Oh Tempter’s Power
                                               On The Word to speak