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Sunday, February 14, 2016

This is a prophecy come to pass .God said they would make this new technology to do this now they have.WOW! New Telescope Caught Invisible Terrestrial Entities Above Tampa, Florida This is a new tech lens now you can see them creature they just want folks to get use to them and look for them to open doors.Any body who buy theses new lens so to see open it is a open door to them from theses creatures

He defines the Second Kind (ITE-2) as entities that
are not visible to the human eye or to conventional optical instruments wish convex lenses, but are otherwise fully visible via Santilli telescopes with concave lenses;
exist in our terrestrial environment, rather than in deep astro-physical spaces; and
leave “bright images” in the background of digital cameras attached to Santilli telescopes.
Unlike the ITE-1s, which leave dark images caused by a type of light equivalent to antimatter-light, ITE-2s appear to be composed of matter that leave bright images caused by ordinary light, which possess invisibility due to the “conversation of their index of refraction from a positive to a negative value”.
Dr Santilli notes that the ITE-2s were pulsating and moving systematically backward and forward, suggesting they were “conducting unauthorized surveillance of the Tampa Area solely visible with the Santilli telescope, thus confirming the need for systematic views of sensitive civilian, industrial and military installations”


Alert! US to Begin Implementing Biometric Tracking System at Airports in full  by 2018 meaning it will be out before then

A biometric exit system will begin to be implemented at airports across the United States by 2018, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said during a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC.
"For years Congress and others have urged us to develop a system of biometric exit," Johnson stated on Thursday. "I have directed CBP (Customs and Border Protection) to begin implementing the system, starting at airports, in 2018."
A system of biometric exit involves taking the fingerprints or other biometric data of those who leave the country. According to Johnson, CBP has begun testing technologies that can be deployed nationwide.

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Survival: Will Prepping Become Illegal Here Too the Government have a Ndaa which says they have all ownership of anything in there country's Thanks to USA President  he pass this law . they will take your food and water you store up and place you in jail as a terrorist wow.

Today’s lesson is that when times get tough, the government can and will persecute those who have planned ahead.

Back In 2013 The Attorney General of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega Díaz, called on prosecutors to target people who are “hoarding” basic staples with serious sanctions.

She called on prosecutors to seek their detention.

The attorney general called on people to remain calm, not to fall for provocations, and not to be afraid of the “alleged” food shortage.

Today in 2016, Here in America, Most people would think such a thing is just a conspiracy. They don't realize what the NDAA Is.

The game pieces have already been moved into place to ban “hoarding” in America. In 2012, our Fearless Leader signed an executive order that gives the federal government authority over every resource and infrastructure element in the United States.

So this should show people that is a crisis food shortage was to come to America, They would turn the tables on those that have taken the time to prepare! this is coming they want control of all man and food and water