Sunday, December 25, 2016

PROPHECY WORD FROM FATHER YAHUVEH All of the people THAT ARE doing the 12 day prayer for 2017 only 3 obey for the sacrifice seed for the lord to this ministry prophetic voice of Yahushua ministry .it tells you for those who have the book and those who are getting prayer FROM THIS BLOG ON THE 7TH DAY SOW A SACRIFICE SEED IN THE NAME OF YAHUVEH IN YAH JESUS NAME ONLY 3 PEOPLE DID IT .YOU MUST SOW IT IN YAHUVEH NAME IT IS PART OF THE 12 DAY PRAYER PROGRAM FOR THIS YEAR ENDING AND FOR NEXT YEAR.YOU CAN SOW ON THIS BLOG THROUGH PAY PAL OR MAI;L IT TO P.O. BOX ON THIS BLOG .WOW YOU ALL MADE IT TO THE 7 DAY NOW 8TH GLORY TO GOD BLESSING