Sunday, December 25, 2016

Prophetic Word December 23, 2016 By MaryEllen

 Prophetic Word
December 23, 2016
By MaryEllen 

The Father says, “Many consider the valley a place to leave and not to flourish in. Will I not supply all of your needs to the riches of My Glory? Enjoy and Love all that I do in your life. Without the moments you have today, you will not have sown for what you will reap later on. The blessings that are for today far outweigh what you will receive on the Mountain. It is here that I take care of what is beyond your control. It is here that I Am ever present in a time of trouble.

If you can’t see My Hand does that change the truth that I Am here? There are moments where building your faith and trust is paramount to your journey. What is being tested is not your demise. I have more for you and you will come out of all that you are going through with My Grace and Mercy. You cannot arrive on your own strength or ability. It is by My Power and Might. Release the desire to be perfect and to impress Me or others. I Am not seeking such human expectations.